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My assemblages are three-dimensional collages, incorporating an expanded menu of found and purchased materials, including leaves and twigs, cigar boxes, vintage Anagram squares, beads, stones, and rather decadent modular Vermont maple blocks. Nearly all visible color is cut-and-pasted paper, created using a process that is as much about feel as it is observation.

In these projects are reflected childhood collages and drawings, model car, ship and house building that reached into my teens, architectural experience, a photographer’s eye, and craftsmen genes.

The time I spent building plastic and chipboard models and drawing inked and pencil renderings of architectural projects may be seen. In addition, so can the more obscure use of reveals, which are thin shadow-making lines that separate materials. Learned while an apprentice architect for a Chicago firm founded in 1896, they are labor-intensive, but help the eye discern the parts that create the whole. They add a floating quality to my assemblages.

My available assemblages range from the size of a roughly six-inch cube to objects almost two feet wide. Additional background and images can be viewed by clicking on each work’s Flickr link.

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